Preloved Designer Clothing at Messina Hembry

Who are we?

We are Messina Hembry; designer vintage clothing connoisseurs, fashion aficionados, ambassadors of the environment and emperors of the preloved clothing world (in our minds anyway).


We handpick the very best of vintage & second hand designer clothing to give them a new lease of life whilst dressing our customers in unique and one-off garments as a result. Our selection of high-quality premium clothes are second to none and with hundreds of designers from Calvin Klein to Levi’s, we consider our ranges to be the crème de la crème of second hand & vintage clothing.


What do we do?


Our process is simple. We source the best designer vintage clothing from around the world and bring it to our warehouse where each individual piece is prepped and photographed so it’s ready to be rehomed.


Our eco-conscience is as strong as our desire to promote good fashion, meaning that our wondrous vintage wardrobe is full of one-off items that are replenished weekly. When you shop with us, you can save up to 90% on original prices as well as reducing carbon emissions and the demand for mass material production (whilst looking awesome too, obviously).


Why Choose Vintage?


We could ramble on for pages as to why we think (why we know) that vintage clothing is the right choice for you. Don’t worry, we won’t but if you’re a fan of designer clothing, bored of ‘fast fashion’ and interested in accumulating a unique style that also helps to conserve the world we live in, our store is probably something you’re going to like.


Entering the world of preloved clothing allows you to invest in individual, durable items that will not only let you wear your favourite designers for a fraction of the price but also makes you a part of the fashion recycling trend.





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