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Majorly linked with high fashion, the Armani brand is known around the world for creating haute couture and luxury accessories.

Specialising in men’s and women’s ready-to-wear, accessories, cosmetics and perfumes – the Italian label founded in 1975 by Giorgio Armani has grown to be worth over $1bn.

Armani which operates under a number of different labels including Giorgio Armani and Emporio Armani has even got an annual spotlight event at Milan Fashion Week every year.

With a whole host of celebrity campaigns from footballer, David Beckham and former Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham – to recording artist, Rihanna and Real Madrid footballer, Christiano Ronaldo.

Sportswear label Reebok also teamed up with the Italian fashion brand to create a line of fashion shoes – EA7.

Whilst Armani is known for high-end fashion, the Armani Exchange label is inspired by street-chic culture and dance music – aiming to be more accessible to the wider public.