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T-shirt / Polo Shirt Including designer brands, USA Print, Sports, Disney, Cartoon, Graphic and Music £4-£10 average
Shirts Including Flannel, Crazy Pattern, Hawaiian, Corduroy, Denim, Designer Brands £3-£15 average
Jumper / Sweatshirts / Hoodies Including Designer Brands, Sports, Graphic £8-£20 average
Jackets / Coats Including Designer Brands, Track Jackets, Denim, Baseball Jackets, College Jackets, Suede and Leather Jackets £8-£45 average
Jeans / Trousers / Trackpants Including Branded, Shorts, Skirts, Dungarees £5-£12 average
Accessories Branded, Hats, Caps, Bags and Ties £6-£12 average