Explore a range of vintage The North Face clothing at affordable prices at Messina Hembry. Founded by hikers in 1960’s San Francisco, the brand is known worldwide by explorers and fashion enthusiasts alike thanks to its reputation for durable and stylish clothing.

Whether you need a jacket that won’t let you down in the rain, a coat to keep you warm, or just some quality t shirts for the summer, our range of preloved North Face clothing has everything you need. Update your wardrobe with vintage TNF pieces at huge discounts today at Messina Hembry. The North Face became the outdoor adventurers’ go-to for clothing and equipment throughout the 1970’s & 80’s by making quality technical pieces that kept them protected from the elements. In 1990’s New York, the brand’s Steep Tech, Nupste and Gore Tex jackets quickly caught on with both New Yorkers looking to stay warm in the harsh East Coast winters, and within the growing underground cultures of hip hop and streetwear. This saw the brand quickly become a status symbol and an essential piece in the wardrobe of the fashion-conscious. A series of collaborations with infamous streetwear label Supreme maintained The North Face status as a serious contender in the fashion world throughout the 2010’s, while their continued production of quality technical clothing retained their outdoors audience as well. Our range of The North Face clothing is constantly updated with new preloved items; keep an eye on this page for the latest clothing that we stock. Find all our latest men's items here and womens items here.