Jack Wolfskin

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Find preloved Jack Wolfskin jackets at massive discounts from their original price in the Messina Hembry range. As a leading functional outdoors clothing brand, their jackets are favoured by those looking for clothing that can shield them from the elements while still looking good as an everyday modern garment.

The German brand was founded in 1981, building up a reputation for solid outdoor apparel over the following decades. A 2010 deal to be Liverpool FC’s sponsor proved successful; the deal lasted for 6 years and increased the brand presence in the UK. Jack Wolfskin coats, bags and tops are now a regular sight on hikes and the high street.

Their jackets use Texapore, an exclusive material developed in-house that protects against wind and water while remaining breathable. Jack Wolfskin also offers the ‘Ecosphere’ option of Texapore, which is made from 100% recycled materials; as you know, we’re a big fan of sustainability in clothing!

Our Jack Wolfskin range is constantly being updated with our latest preloved goods. It’s not just jackets, either – you can find hats, shirts and more in our selection. Don’t forget to check back regularly for the latest pieces!